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Sprachen für den Beruf

2 Kurse
Diana Corredor-Düwel
Fremdsprachen, Erasmus+

Business English B1–C2
Di. 16.05.2023 18:00
Online Schule

The main emphasis of this course will be on conversation, correspondence and vocabulary as applied to business situations. Essential grammar, business terms, writing emails and attending meetings will be discussed. The content should also be relevant to the occupations of the participants. Die Zugangsinformationen und den Link zum Kurs erhalten Sie rechtzeitig vor Kursbeginn zugeschickt. Voraussetzung: Headset mit Lautsprecher/Mikrofon max. 8 Teilnehmer:innen Wenn das Minimum der Teilnehmerzahl nicht erreicht wird, wird die Gebühr oder Kursdauer angepasst!

Kursnummer 71081o
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Gebühr: 80,00
Dozent*in: Richard Derman
Business English Workshop A2/B1
Sa. 08.07.2023 10:00

This course is for learners with basic skills in grammar and syntax, even if acquired quite a while ago, such as at school (A2/B1). Contents of the course include: - Writing business e-mails - Making phone calls in business life - Small talk in a business environment We will be looking at the typical expressions you will need in order to talk and write English in the business world, both on a very formal and on a rather colloquial level, depending on the type of people you are communicating with (e.g. colleagues, customers, business partners). In addition to a variety of written exercises, you will also have the opportunity to practise business English orally, in the form of role play and pair work. There will be a lunch break at about 1 p.m.

Kursnummer 71080p
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Gebühr: 50,00
Dozent*in: Monika Bründl
11.06.23 02:31:25